Some questions you might have for us.

I had an appointment scheduled for next Thursday at 2pm, I was wondering if there was any way we could move it to...?
Sorry, no. Massage first appointments are not to be rescheduled. We understand that things pop up last minute. Life is tricky. Please send someone else in your place because you will not get a refund for canceling or missing your appointment.
Can I book massages for someone else?
Yes! How kind of you! Please note that you should make sure that someone else is definitely available for the time/date you book them because of the first q&a listed above.
I can't remember when I booked my next massage for. Can someone please call/text/email me at...?
Thanks to the magic of online scheduling, you will now receive appointment confirmations and reminders. Just be sure to leave a good email address and you'll be a-ok.
Do you sell gift certificates on the first too?
Yes, each therapist at we heart massage offers gift certificates individually or you can get a we heart massage certificate that allows you to schedule with any of us but NOT at the massage first rate.
Can I book several appointments on massage first? Like for months in advance?
Heck yes. Go to town! You can book as many as you want, as far out as you'd like so long as you're prepared to pay for them all on the first.
I'd like to pay cash or check for my massage first appointment but it requires a credit card to book online. What can I do? Can I just pay for it when I come in later this month?
Popular questions. You can reach out to your preferred therapist via phone, text, or email to set up an appointment versus scheduling online. You MUST PAY for your appointment(s) on the FIRST.
Angela will accept cash/check payments at We Heart Massage from 12-6 on the first.
What if my card won't go through and/or I didn't pay in person with cash or check on the first?
Your appointment no longer counts as a massage first appointment. Your appointment will get deleted and you will have to set up a new, non-discounted massage session. We kindly ask that you don't tie up our schedules or abuse the Massage First Program in such a manner.
Can I book a couples massage on Massage first?
Yes, but it is a bit more involved. You must find two therapists that are available at the same time and schedule us individually....please place a note in the notes section that you'd like a couples massage
Can I add gratuity to my charge when I book a massage first appointment(s) so I don't have to worry about in when I come in later?
Yes indeed. Just mention the gratuity amount you'd like to add in the notes and we'll be happy to take care of that for you. Thanks.
What is supposed to go in the notes section? It requires me to put something there when I schedule online and I have no idea what my "secret code" is supposed to be.
Your secret code is not really a secret at all. The secret code refers to the 3 digit code found on the back of your card or four digits on the front of your card depending on your credit card carrier. Please leave these 3 or 4 digits in the notes section. Additionally, you can also leave anything pertaining to having a gift certificate your trying to redeem, a warning that this appointment is for someone other than yourself, add gratuity, or specific requests such as heated table, no aromatherapy, etc.